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Pangi Valley is nestled in the Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh and is perked at an elevation of 11,000 Ft. If you think that all of Himachal Pradesh’s secrets have been discovered and experienced – think again! Pangi is stunning, beautiful and the biggest secret around. Even though Chamba is usually not on the top of the list when people are choosing their Himachal Pradesh destinations – I am here to change your mind. This beautiful valley is hidden away, thanks to the difficulty of reaching the place! The valley in itself is massive with a whopping 1600 sq KM region!
You can enjoy extreme tranquility in this serene location! But, also, there are many attractions and places to explore nearby. Killar in general is a popular touristy hamlet on the gorge of Chenab river. There is a stunning shrine of Det Nag in Killar, which is worth a visit! The largest village in the valley is Dharwas and you can experience the exquisiteness of the local culture. Given the extreme isolation, the local inhabitants are extremely proud of their home and would want to make your experience all the more memorable as well!


Hindi, English are spoken by people engaged in tourism and professional trades.

Clothing Essentials

In the months that you will have access to Pangi – the weather will still be cold. heavy woollen clothing is necessary. Those travelling into higher lands would require heavy woollens as morning-evening temperature can get very cold.



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How to Reach

By Air The nearest Airport is Gaggal in Kangra District. Although, if the weather permits, there are helicopter rides available as well – especially in spring and winter!
By Rail The Nearest Railway Station is in Pathankot.
By Road Here are three ways to reach the valley via road. The first being the route from Manali to Killar, second, being the route from Jammu to Kistwar to Killar, and the third being from Chamba to Killar via the Sach Pass.


Places to visit Distances from Chamba (Km)
Chamba 531.8
Dalhousie 514.7
Khajjiar 524.9
Bharmour 591.8


In the months that you will have access to Pangi – the weather will still be cold. You can expect some form of snowfall especially if you visit earlier in the season. Monsoon doesn’t reach this gem of a place, however. And, you must also plan your clothing accordingly and remember to dress in layers!