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Bilaspur was a orderly princely state known as Kahloor before it merged with the Indian union after the country attained independence. It became a part of Himachal Pradesh in 1954 and was made into a district. The princely state came into being in 7th century AD, with the ruling dynasty tracing their roots to Chanderwanshi Rajputs of Bundelkhand in Madhya Pradesh.

Kot Kahloor till 1650 AD remained the capital, when ruler Deep Chand decided to shift it to the left bank of River Satluj. What used to be the historic Old Bilaspur, capital of the princely state, got completely submerged with the completion of Bhakra Dam in 1963. The sprawling new Bilaspur town has come up on higher ground near the old capital.


Hindi & English are understood and used by people engaged in tourism and other professional trades. Locals speak Bilaspuri or Kahloori, dialects belonging to the Western Pahari group of languages.

Clothing Essentials

Bilaspur has moderate temperatures in spring and autumn but can get hot for May-June, the peak summer days. By evening the lake does fan cool breezes over the habitation. Light cotton clothing is most suited for these days but in winter, a dense fog cover that lingers well into the afternoon gets the place to experience some real cold days and nights. A need for heavy woollens is felt in winter.



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How to Reach

By Air The closest airports for Bilaspur are at Chandigarh and Shimla.
By Rail The nearest railway station at Kiratpur is 65 kms away.
By Road Bilaspur can only be reached by road. It is 88 km from Shimla, 135 km from Chandigarh and 360 km from Delhi. It is well served by public and private transport services. Taxis are readily available for travelling in comfort.


Places to visit Distances from Bilaspur (Km)
Bahadurpur fort 40
Bhakra dam 75
Markandeya 20
Deotsidh temple 40
Naina Devi temple 60
Sariun fort 58
Swarghat 40
Tiun fort 55
Bahadurpur fort
Bhakra dam
Naina Devi temple
Sariun fort


Eco Park, UF Behran


Best time to visit Bilaspur is in spring, autumn and winter – when temperatures are mild and the weather is pleasant. In summers, the valley experiences high temperatures.

Season Months Temperature
Summer March – June 23°C – 36°C
Monsoon July – September 20°C – 29°C
Winter December – February 9°C – 23°C